Splatter Painting to free your mind

Splatter Painting to free your mind

By: Wild Paint

Published on Jul 31 2022 09:26 AM

Drip, drop, splat! Jackson Pollock may be the most well-known action painter of our time, but everyone can have fun with splatter painting at Wild Paint House! 

There are no guidelines on which color to use first, whether to use a base coat, how much of it or any other tricks. The basics are simple: harder motions get you longer, drawn out splatters that dance across the canvas, lighter flicks get you shorter drips. Short, hard movements produce bigger, heavier splashes of paint. It is easy, but your arms might start to feel it for sure. Take a dance break, get in some moves, and pick up where you left off! You can even request for your favorite song at Wild Paint House, and we just may play it for you.

“Every so often, a painter has to destroy painting. Cézanne did it, Picasso did it with Cubism and then Pollock did it. He busted our idea of a picture all to hell. Then there could be new paintings again.” Such are the words of Dutch-American Abstract Expressionist, Willem de Kooning. His statement still holds true today, there is a pre-Pollock era of modern art and a post-Pollock era.

While he belongs in the art genre of ‘abstract expressionism’, Pollock believed that drip painting worked as self discovery and one must paint who they are rather than what they want to see. His process resembles performance art, it’s more like a dance. By working around the painting’s edges and eventually standing on it, he can physically enter the same realm as his art. He did not only use paintbrushes, sometimes using sticks and even towels. Similarly, at Wild Paint House splatter paint sessions, we provide you with tools you would never have used with paint before - syringes, water guns and string, just to name a few - and the ways to use them are endless.

These days many of us are under great pressure from society. It is hard to free your mind and express yourself. Jackson Pollock's art was all about being in the moment and focusing on the act of making art more than what the final product would look like. At Wild Paint House, we believe wholeheartedly in such a philosophy. It is a space dedicated to unwind, for you to leave feeling slightly lighter than when you first stepped in. Don’t take our word for it, book your first splatter painting session today!


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